Torey Lanez @ The Warfield

These days, it’s probably pretty hard to be a rapper from Toronto, especially if your music includes bouts of singing, mentions of love, and softer production. Why? Because that’s Drake’s territory. Not only did the pop star already introduce the world to the Canadian city’s newest nickname — colloquially dubbing it “The Six” — but he broke new territory by introducing crooning into hip-hop, barfing his emotions into his songs, and making a name for himself as rap’s first self-identified softie. Like a dog marking a tree, Drake already has his scent all over Toronto and pretty much anything in the rap world that comes across as mushy and cathartic. It’s no surprise, then, that fellow Toronto singer-rapper Tory Lanez has had beef with Drizzy since as far back as 2010. Not only is he probably jealous of the “Started From the Bottom” artist, but he probably resents him, too. Drake’s star shines so brightly that Lanez has had a tough time getting his name out, and it’s probably also why he came up with his own category for his music: “swavey.” But what’s even sadder is the fact that the production of Lanez’s two biggest songs — “Say It,” a hip-hop cover of Brownstone’s 1994 track “If You Love Me,” and “Luv,” a dancehall remix of “Everyone Falls in Love” by Tanto Metro and Devonte — are riffed from the work of other artists. Obviously, when it comes to originality, Lanez doesn’t have it.

Tory Lanez at 9 p.m., Monday, Nov. 7 at the Warfield. $28.50-$40;

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