White Lies @ the Chapel

(Photo by Gullick)

If bands could descend from other bands, White Lies would be Joy Division’s youngest son. Lead singer Harry McVeigh has the same low-pitched inflection as Joy Division’s Ian Curtis, and both bands gravitate toward pop and punk-inflected indie rock.

In fact, it’s almost a good thing that there’s a 30-year gap between the inceptions of both bands because they sound so damn similar. But it’s not just Joy Division that the Brits sound similar to. White Lies (which used to be called Fear of Flying) can also be housed in the same musical subgenre as Editors and Interpol, two acts that formed a good half-decade before White Lies, if that tells you anything.

But whatever. White Lies is a helluva band with a reputation for putting on solid, lively shows. And yeah, they might sound like other bands, but Joy Division doesn’t exist anymore, and tickets to Interpol or Editors shows would cost a fuck-ton more than tickets to a White Lies show, so there you go.

White Lies
With VOWWS at 9 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 14, at the Chapel. $25; thechapelsf.com.

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