Yael Naïm @ Great American Music Hall

(Girlie Action Media)

Britney Spears’ “Toxic” never sounded so good, and that’s because it’s not the Spears version I’m talking about, but rather the singer-songwriter Yael Naïm’s cover from her 2007 self-titled album. Naïm transforms the zippy, hyper-active pop tune into a slinky, tinkling ballad made all the more compelling by her quirky, glass-shattering, Regina Spektor-esque voice. With four solo studio albums under her belt — the most recent of which came out Sept. 2 — the 38-year-old French-Israeli musician might not yet be a household name, but she’s certainly catching on. Already, her wistful, plaintive songs have appeared in a slew of TV shows, like Grey’s Anatomy and Switched At Birth, as well as in films and commercials, most notably one from 2008 introducing the MacBook Air laptop. Hell, apparently Steve Jobs himself picked the song — “New Soul” — for the launch of the laptop line, which is saying a lot because that guy had good taste.

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