Hey DJ! Friday Q&A: Worthy (Anabatic Records, Dirtybird)

Don't ask DJ Worthy to spin Tiesto. The dude has too many good records in his bag to make room for that crap. As part of the Dirtybird house/techno crew and owner of Anabatic Records, the DC-born, locally-based DJ keeps an ear on breaking tech house, funk, soul, and, well, the good '80s shit (metal and new wave). He's part of Blue Collar's 5-year anniversary party at Mighty tonight, so we asked him a couple questions to get to know him a little better before the weekend kicks off.

Name: Worthy

Club night(s): Dirtybird @ Mezzanine; We Love Worthy @ The EndUP

Style(s) of music you spin: Booty-dropping tech house and techno

So what's your story, in 100 words or less? I moved out here from NYC in 2002, after my friend Justin Martin told me the house music scene was so good here. After moving I hooked up  with Justin and his Brother Christian Martin and Claude VonStroke and started up Dirtybird. I started up a label called Anabatic Records shortly after that, and have been having a great time making music and putting smiles on peoples faces.

What can you tell us about your record label? I started up Anabatic Records in 2006, as a way to give myself an  outlet for my music that I had complete control of so I could create  whatever I felt like. It grew quickly and people started sending me demos a year later. And now I get hundreds of demos every month. The roster has artists from all over the world and the label keeps on growing. It has been really amazing to watch it grow over the last couple of years and see who is playing the tracks.


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