Hometown Shredder Joe Satriani Rocks the Fox with Sammy Hagar and an Army of Fanboys

Joe Satriani
Ned Evett & Triple Double

January 13, 2010
@ The Fox Theater, Oakland
Better than: Hearing Machine Head in high-school detention hall.

There's just something about the title of Joe Satriani's new album, Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards, that faintly shrieks “sausage party.” Sure enough, as I ascended with my girl to the second balcony at the Fox last night, there was a superabundance of pasty adult males of every age on display. Most were reacting with various stages of denial to Ned Evett & Triple Double, the opening act, whose verbose frontman cooed hallelujahs and nattered distractedly of Jeff Buckley before giving up entirely.


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