Huey Lewis and the News, CalArtsSF, San Francisco Free Folk Festival, Rolling Stones — Night and Day, Sunday 6/17

(Happy to Be) Stuck With Him

When we think of Huey Lewis and the News, we think of developmentally disabled adults. Our own Bouncer columnist Katy St. Clair immortalized the link between the 1980s hitmakers and their special fans in 2005, in a piece of writing (“A Very Special Concert”) that is deeply moving, sort of goofy, and will make you cry if you lose focus. Just like the music of HLatN! Popular since their third record, Sports, came out in 1983, the band is durably constructed and extremely good-natured, and you would be, too, if you had churned out mega hits for nearly 10 years. Because lead singer Lewis lives in San Francisco part time, we can count him as one of our own, whether anyone counts us as disabled or not.

The Paul Thorn Band opens for Huey and the boys as the opening event of the Stern Grove Festival at 2 p.m. at Stern Grove, 19th Ave. and Sloat, S.F. Admission is free; visit Swanhuyser

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