In Defense of the Game - Our Last Honest Gangsta Rapper - October 26, 2011 - SF Weekly
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In Defense of the Game — Our Last Honest Gangsta Rapper

The Game performs at Regency Ballroom this week.

Lately, The Game, who performs at the Regency Ballroom on Thursday (Oct. 27), has been psychoanalyzed as some sort of rapping mentalist. Armchair critics are quick to characterize him as an artist constantly putting out desperate cries for attention by taking it upon himself to try and start beefs with — well, pretty much every rapper currently working. Back in the summer, the Compton-raised MC's “Uncle Otis” dis track took umbrage at an admittedly utterly random lineup that included Jay-Z (for being old), Kreayshawn (for being a “lil' white bitch”), and Odd Future's Tyler the Creator (whom Game claimed to have created). Off the back of that, Game's long-delayed The R.E.D. Album was greeted with lukewarm reviews and shifted only 100,000 copies in its first week. His formerly superstar-level career, the naysayers were glad to report, seemed to be rocking.

Get real: A better view is that we should be celebrating Game for being the last no-gimmicks gangsta rapper still standing on a major label — and someone prepared to flagrantly name names when it comes to those who irk him.