In Print: Papercuts' Stunning Sub Pop Debut, Killer Mike's Righteous Fury, and More

S.F.'s Papercuts Make a Stunning, Dreamy Sub Pop Debut: On Papercuts' Sub Pop debut, Fading Parade, Quever's vision of atmospheric, world-weary indie-pop is expanded to a stunning degree. Not only is it by far the best thing Papercuts has yet recorded, but the album actually puts the band within striking distance of Beach House — an outfit that has set the contemporary standard for burying its grandly downbeat songs beneath massive curtains of reverb. 

But whereas Beach House's 2010 triumph, Teen Dream, seems to obsess over moving as slowly as possible, Fading Parade sees Papercuts exploring different moods and speeds. Quever's dragging, piano-laden tearjerkers are still there, of course, but album opener “Do You Wanna Know” is a delightfully uptempo bit of twee flirtation, complete with a chorus that seems to spiral ever skyward. “Marie Says You've Changed” races forward over unsettling piano arpeggios, as Quever reflects on the strangeness of returning home after a long time away. None of these 10 songs really rocks — that's the idea — but they never feel stuck in a rut, either.
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