Joe Nice: Show Preview

Joe Nice

Last year, Britney Spears collaborated with U.K. dubstep producer Rusko, leading many in the music press to wonder whether his bass-saturated dancefloor genre was officially dead. For promoter Sam Supa, however, that just meant it was time to take things farther down the rabbit hole. Instead of giving up, the Grime City veteran launched a new club series at Underground SF to highlight the music's innovators. Baltimore's Joe Nice fits this bill as an energetic US dubstep ambassador and purist who plays his hefty exclusive tracks off vinyl acetate dubplates. Also featured are Wheel and Deal Recordings' Dean J. “DJG” Grenier playing his own dubby uptempo material, along with Ed “UFO!” Garro, whose new single drops soon on Supa's Brap Dem label. Supa himself, under the moniker Prince Zammy, rounds out a bill that promises more than just dubstep.

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