Kreator: Show Preview

As spoiled as the Bay Area might be as a historic epicenter for thrash metal, local headbangers will be hard-pressed to deny the quality of the two veteran bands bringing their tandem Legends of Thrash 2013 Tour to the Fillmore Thursday night. Along with Anthrax, influential New Jersey stalwart Overkill has been representing East Coast thrash for more than three decades. Still anchored by founding singer and legendary wailer Bobby “Blitz” Elsworth and bassist D.D. Verni, the group has enjoyed a renaissance over the last decade with such acclaimed efforts as Ironbound and last year's The Electric Age. The co-headlining German metal maestros of Kreator offer up guitarist Mille Petrozza's complex Teutonic take on neck-snapping sounds, playing songs from classic albums like Pleasure to Kill and Coma of Souls alongside tracks from their latest, Phantom Antichrist. L.A. thrash revivalist Warbringer opens the show.

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