Last Night: All Shook Down Music Festival in North Beach

Neon Indian crowd

All Shook Down Festival
North Beach
July 25, 2010
Better Than:
Getting all shook down in North Beach for the very first time.

Disco dancers, cowboys, glam girls, hipsters, indie rockers, hip-hoppers, sock-hoppers, punk rockers, clash city rockers, category-defiers and more: there was a little something for everyone yesterday at the All Shook Down festival in North Beach. If the cognitive dissonance from having so many different types of music in so small a geographical space didn't get to you, then you obviously weren't running from venue to venue fast enough. It's the tragic beauty of every good festival — too many good bands to see, all playing around the same time.

Luckily, some of them played twice. Take Forrest Day. The SF-based band first took the main stage, which was positioned outdoors on Green Street, at around 2:35 p.m. and played until nearly 4 p.m. But saying that Forrest Day just “plays” is an understatement. Yesterday, the self-described “experimental funk/hip-hop/rock” band put on a high-octane show that had grooves so clean and tight they got heads nodding all over the festival grounds.

Frontman Day appears tireless, and his constant jumping around, combined with the free-styling and saxophone playing, was exhausting just to watch. Which is why this might have been the last group one would expect to put on an even more exhilarating show about six measly hours later. But they did. More on that to come. In the meantime, the main stage had another dance-fever-inducing act to host following Day: a tiny, luminous ball of talent named Janelle Monae.


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