Last Night: The Fratellis at the Fillmore

(photo courtesy Ted Leibowitz/BAGeL Radio)

The Fratellis

June 14, 2007

The Fillmore

Better Than: That first show you could go to without the folks in tow, that one where you made out with the cute dude from the tenth grade after the encore.

The Review: Summer shows are all about teenage ecstasy. And I don’t mean the drug. One look at the recent spate of June concerts (most specifically BFD) and the average age of all-ages shows drops to that of humans barely old enough to own licenses to drive vehicles, let alone the IDs that allow them to sip tasty beverages. But we all remember those days, back when the months of June through September meant total freedom, even on the weeknights (and, maybe as you got a bit older, a summer job at the frozen yogurt palace or the Chevron station tucked in there somewhere) until the early a.m. school bell came a ringin’ in the fall. Best time ever to go out and scream that little adolescent voice hoarse.

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