Last Night: The Monthly Rumpus w/ Daniel Handler, Tony DuShane, DJ Real, More

DJ Real

The Monthly Rumpus w/ Daniel Handler, Tony DuShane, Robin Ekiss, Ethan Watters, Kevin Sampsell, DJ Real, the Yellow Dress, & Richard Porter on hula hoop
Monday, Feb. 8, 2009
Make-Out Room

Better than: Talking about the Super Bowl

Where in San Francisco can you get a night of author readings about a pubic hair leading a teenager astray, “homogenizing the way the world goes mad,” and screwing a prostitute named Gretta; watch a “hoopdance” by an architect with a penchant for hip-hop and glowing hula hoops; listen as a musician-performance artist re-enacts a phone conversation from 7th grade; and enter a raffle where the prizes include free porn or free Ritual coffee? Ok, so yeah, it all sounds pretty San Francisco. And the organizers behind last night's Monthly Rumpus gathering at the Make-Out Room were well aware of that fact. As he pulled raffle tickets during an intermission, host/author/ editor Stephen Elliott joked that if you won, and you chose the Ritual gift certificate (at a Rumpus party at the Make-Out Room in the Mission, no less) well, you would be “the biggest hipster of the month.”

Kidding aside, though, what made last night's variety show work was the complete lack of attitude, hipster or otherwise. Instead we were offered insight into a rich writing scene, the uncomfortable sexual adolescence of many male writers involved with the Rumpus, and the sort of alcoholic beverage you shouldn't drink before going on The Daily Show.


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