Last Night: Whild Peach with Bayonics at Red Devil Lounge

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Whild Peach with Bayonics

June 13, 2007

Red Devil Lounge

Better Than: Listening to KMEL

Download: The fabulously funky (if decidedly lo-res) Whild Peach EPK

The funk phenomenon known as Whild Peach hails from Decatur, Georgia (neighbor to Atlanta), where it has been one of the most important yet least documented live groups to influence that region’s rap scene as a frequent session and touring band for the multi-platinum selling supernova called OutKast. It was most recently featured on the haunting song “Mutron Angel” on Andre 3000 and Big Boi’s Idlewild soundtrack. And since OutKast is not expected to tour together any millennium soon, seeing Whild Peach live is just about the closest one can get short of catching a solo gig in the South from Big Boi.

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