Live Shows Banned from 21 Grand After Alcohol Bust at the Bay's #1 Place for Experimental Music

Yeah, that's Oakland's problem — noise lovers with 40s. This bit of OPD retardedness just in via e-mail from 21 Grand on Dec. 8:

News: We are prevented from having live shows due to permit issues resulting from our unfortunate proximity to another venue being visited by the Alcoholic Beverage Action Team of the Oakland Police Department that took notice of us after 7 1/2 years. We were allowed to present this event, but with a capacity limited to 49 people. Other events will be relocated, and information will be posted on our website. If you want to make reservations (advisable) – please call or email. There is also to be no alcohol at events at 21 Grand. We are working towards complying with the copious regulations and requirements of the City of Oakland to get a cabaret license and maybe, if we're lucky, a beer and wine license. sl

So that's that. We're calling around to learn more. — David Downs

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