Lost in the Night: Moodymann Brings Detroit to San Francisco

Sunset and Public Works present Moodymann

Public Works

Friday, Nov. 30, 2012

Better than: Valentine's Day 2010, Moodymann's unfortunately aborted last appearance in San Francisco.

“It was 1981, we wasn't playing no house, we wasn't playing no techno. It was just music to us.” Kenny Dixon Jr. (a.k.a. Moodymann) was on stage with microphone in hand, tossing quotes off to the waiting crowd as naturally as he flipped through his record bag. Projected polygonal Chinese characters climbed the wall behind him, creating a surreal contrast to his oversized “Detroit” Hoodie, rose-tinted glasses, and iPod earbuds. “What were you doing in 1981?” The angular lines of A Number of Names' “Shari Vari” shot out of the speakers, punctuating his words with bouncy hits of synthesized bass. “I'm just playin' some records and some CDs. We're having a good time.”


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