Manchester's Delphic: 'With Electronic Music You Can Do Anything'

Manchester quartet Delphic is the latest outfit to be anointed “Best New Band in England” by a British music press notorious for going apeshit over bands that often aren't worthy of the praise, only to knock them down later. Fortunately, Delphic's debut LP, Acolyte — wherein a New Order heart beats strongly within guitar-fueled rock 'n' rave sonics — actually lives up to the hype. Whether or not the U.K. press eventually turns on the band remains to be seen, but right now Delphic is intent on conquering America. After a handful of shows here earlier this year, Delphic has embarked on its first full-scale U.S. tour, and plays Popscene in San Francisco tonight. We caught up with guitarist Matt Cocksedge to talk about the band's past, present, and future.

Touring here for the first time, have you noticed whether or not people know the songs, whether they're singing along?

There's been a little bit of that. I don't think we expected much, but all the gigs we've done there's been people up front that know the words, which is just great. This is kind of step one, and hopefully we can come out again in a few months and really build it up. It is a shock to the system how vast America is, but we're eager to get into it a bit more.

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