Nick Drake's Sister and Jolie Holland 'Talking Music' Today at Herbst

The people that brought us the Microachella — The Treasure Island Music Festival — now bring us the lovely, talented local Jolie Holland talking shop about famed, dead singer-songwriter Nick Drake. From the PR:



On Tuesday October 2nd,City Arts & Lectures and Noise Pop will present a special evening entitled Remembering Nick Drake with author / producer Joe Boyd, Nick's sister Gabrielle Drake, singer-songwriter Jolie Holland and others. This event is part of City Arts & Lectures and Noise Pop's Talking Music series, presenting important and emerging musical talents in live interviews, discussion and occasional song. This series celebrates music as a vibrant art form through in-depth conversations with many of its best-loved and most respected performers. Talking Music is an evolving discussion about the meaning and place of music in our lives. Each event will take place at the beautiful and historic Herbst Theatre, located in the center of the War Memorial Veteran's Building next to City Hall in San Francisco, unless otherwise noted. All of the discussions in the series will be edited and broadcast to more than 170 public radio stations nationwide as part of City Arts & Lectures weekly audio program.

The next event in the series is Tuesday, October 16th when City Arts & Lectures and Noise Pop welcome musician Bob Mould to the Herbst Theatre for a special conversation with music journalist and musician Michael Azerrad, a longtime contributor to Rolling Stone magazine.

Talking Music Event Schedule:

Tues, Oct 2

Remembering Nick Drake

With Joe Boyd, Gabrielle Drake & Jolie Holland

Herbst Theatre

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