NOFX at 30: The Band's 10 Most Controversial Moments

Reassuring us once and for all that turning 30 doesn't mean you have to start behaving like an adult, NOFX — the West Coast punk icon/touring kegger that never winds down — announced this week that they'll mark the end of their third decade in existence with a limited edition box set of deluxe LPs, a collection of every studio album the band has released.

That's 12 records in total, if you haven't been keeping count, with a limited number of them signed, plus “a life-size version of the band's infamous stage banner.” They won't be issued until Feb. 19, though. So for the NOFX aficionado who just can't contain their excitement, here's a walk through some of the most colorful memories Fat Mike and the crew have given us over the last 30 years.


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