Paul Addis, Who Torched the Burning Man, Has New Solo Show

Paul Addis is back, and he's ready to crash the system.

Remember back in 2007, when Burning Man suffered from a case of premature burn? The guy responsible for the arson was local performer/provocateur Paul Addis. At the time, he was about to embark on a tour of Gonzo: A Brutal Chrysalis–his one-man show about Hunter S. Thompson–but he ended up in a Nevada prison instead.

After serving one year of a four-year sentence, Addis is once again a free man. Now he's back in San Francisco with a brand-new solo show, this time with the fetchingly nonsensical title Dystopian Veneer.

So what's it all about? Take it away, Paul:

Dystopian Veneer is an unconventional, darkly comedic satire about a few various causes and effects loose in the current phase of human society. … The typical lines separating stage performance from real life will be disregarded, and the audience brought into new roles as contributors, instigators, and willing agents thereafter. This is not a show for those who are desperately clinging to failing structures and crippled traditions. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to consciously crash a system in order to promote effective reconstruction, take a trip through Dystopian Veneer.

Have I ever wondered what it would be like to “consciously crash a system in order to promote effective reconstruction”? Frankly, no. But then I've never considered vandalizing a wooden effigy in the middle of the desert, either.

For more on the upcoming show at The Dark Room, check out Laughing Squid, which has some excellent background on Addis, along with a video preview of what audiences might expect. The play opens on April 30 with a second performance scheduled for May 7. For tickets, go right here.

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