Plugged in — ASD's music picks for Thursday, May 31

Silly Punk Covers: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, 8:00pm at DNA Lounge

“Punk's premier cover artists, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes are a conglomerate of some of the most recognizable faces in new-school punk. Drawn together by a mutual love of '60s and '70s music, the Gimme Gimmes work exclusively as a cover band. Their repertoire include songs from such acts as Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, and John Denver.” —AllMusic

Upbeat Jazz: Soulive, 8:00pm w/ Citizen Cope at the Grand Ballroom at Regency Center

“The chemistry of the three members is what makes Soulive so interesting. The Evans brothers bring both a jazz swing and funk element to their music. Neal Evans keyboard playing brings to mind people like Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff, John Patton, Jimmy McGriff, and Groove Holmes among others. Drummer Alan Evans keeps the groove in the pocket and danceable. Guitarist Eric Krasno punctuates the songs with inventive solos. His playing switches from jazzy to funky to more rock oriented sometimes during the same song.” —

Piano Ballads: Chris Garneau, 9:30pm at Hemlock

Music for Tourists is dominated by … naked arrangements. [Garneau] seldom strays from his plodding piano chords. And his band — Saul Simon-MacWilliams on bass and harmonium, Ben Kalb on cello — never distract the attention from the songs themselves. Instead, their understated accompaniment adds much-needed depth to such sparse compositions. When one of Kalb's moody cello lines stretches across echoing piano chords, it creates a sweeping sense of catharsis that picks up where Garneau's broken musings leave off.” —Prefix

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