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Plugged in — ASD's music picks for Tuesday, June 5


(photo courtesy stache826valencia.blogspot.com)

Not Music: The Onion Presents 826 Valencia's Mustache-a-Thon, 8pm at 12 Galaxies. Free.

“For a few weeks more I am taking part in 826 Valencia's Mustache-a-thon — what's 826 Valencia you may ask? And what's a mustache-a-thon? Well curious stranger, 826 Valencia is a non-profit organization in San Francisco that helps children ages 6-18 with writing skills, and offers various services including free drop-in tutoring and specialized workshops. This here mustache-a-thon is a way for them to raise money through the concerted efforts of its participants and their follicle-farming abilities.” —Craigslist

SF Weekly Staff

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