Plugged in — ASD's music picks for Wednesday, May 30

Spoken Word: Bucky Sinister at The Hypnodrome

“Fueled on a steady diet of Bukowski, illicit drugs, and San Francisco coffee, he learned to write from poets who dressed like bums but spoke like kings. His early influences are set in the works of LA poets which are combined with the San Francisco Mission street styles to get the sound he now has.” —

Worldbeat: Manu Chao — Midnight at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

“…Manu turned a quiet-sounding album into a gigantic fiesta , mixing Mano Negra songs loved by the public with reminiscences from Los Carayos, adaptations of merengue classics and many new tunes with a constant message of optimism and hope delivered with incredible energy on stage.” —Radio Chango

Indie Rock: Voxtrot — 8pm at Great American Music Hall

“The band sounds pretty vicious … in a wimpy sort of way. It’s bigger and louder than before; agitated strumming still pushes the songs forward, but now strings and horns add bursts of harmony and noise.” —New York Times

Billy fucking Joel?: The Hold Steady — 8:00pm at Slim's

“Frankly, some folks just hate these guys. After this year's SXSW, at which the Hold Steady played four shows in 48 hours, noted sports blogger Gerard Cosloy described a band he refused to name as “later-period Soul Asylum fronted by Charles Nelson Reilly.” But the band's 2004 debut, Almost Killed Me, was a sleeper critical smash, winding up on enough year-end lists to finish 31st in Pazz & Jop.” —Village Voice

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