Pontiacs and Giant Pussies

It doesn’t get much cooler than watching a Pontiac commercial, does it? What about if said ad is for the Hollywood premiere of the Transformers movie? Still no? Ok, ok. What about when that consumer candy features a chic, automobile-friendly soundtrack sample of industrial beats by local electro-rockers Luxxury? Hopefully the royalties from that Luxxury band/luxury car commercial partnership will help fund front man Baron Von Luxxury’s alter-ego remixer — he reconfigures tunes from the likes of local indie pop darlings Scissors for Lefty, Portland art punks Glass Candy, and, well, can’t-give-her-hipster-props-but-hey-she’s-a-star Hilary Duff! And in his free time, the Baron fights crime by crushing baby kitties with giant lasers. Sweet! And vicious! — Jennifer Maerz

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