Poolside: Show Preview

If the name “Poolside” doesn't already imply super-chill intentions, the L.A. duo of Jeffrey Paradise and Filip Nikolic have coined the term “daytime disco” to describe their brand of laid-back, bright-and-sunny beat music. Yeah, it's like disco, but for the poolside: positive vibes, icy drinks, and California sunshine undergirded with gentle, four-on-the-floor beats and glassy synthesizers. Compared to night-time disco, the tempos are slower, the beats a little milder, and the songs unfold a little more lazily. S.F. denizens may recognize Paradise from his long-running, hugely successful Blow Up parties; though he's based in L.A. now, Paradise is bringing his current project back to the Bay Area for a one-off Blow Up event this weekend. Poolside will only be DJing, but it should still be an appropriate nighttime engagement for the California winter of endless blue-sky days.

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