Prague Rock: Free Radiohead Concert DVD Out Now

Been a while since Radiohead came through the Bay Area, and it'll probably be another while before they return. (Thom Yorke played at the Fox in April, but that doesn't count.) Looks like several more months of putting their discography on shuffle and watching 7 Television Commercials on endless loop, huh?


That's right! A loose consortium of European Radioheadheads has come along to answer the prayers you probably didn't know you were saying: enter the unassumingly titled and utterly free Radiohead Live in Praha, released to the wild wild web earlier this week. Following the model of the Beastie Boys' fan-filmed live movie Awesome! I Fuckin' Shot That!, it gathers footage shot by over sixty fans from the same concert in Prague last year. It took a year to edit it all together, apparently, but it does right by its avowed mission: “to capture the band playing using as many different angles as possible.”

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