Premiere: Summer Peaks' New Single “Entwined” Is a Dreamy, Shimmery Delight

Three out of four of Summer Peaks' members: Zachary Elsasser

There are some songs that, for reasons inexplicable, sound like seasons. 

East Bay quartet Summer Peaks, with their new single, “Entwined,” has a decidedly summer vibe. Blame it on the shimmery guitar riffs and chill, dream pop melody, or even the name of the band itself. “Entwined” is the first single off the indie band’s upcoming album (tentatively titled Paint) that will be released this summer by San Francisco label Wave Dweller Records.

[jump] Summer-y sounds aside, the song is actually a tad melancholy. Melina Duterte, Summer Peaks’ vocalist, whispers lyrics from the standpoint of a lover who is torn about a fraught relationship. “On the surface, it’s definitely about desperately wanting to be one with another person,” she says, “but at the same, knowing you aren’t right for each other.”

Summer Peaks has already self-released a few EPs and one album, but this upcoming record will be their first official release as a band. Three of the four members (Zachary Elsasser, Melina Duterte, and Daniel Mandrychenko) met in high school, but it wasn’t until May 2014 that they gained their fourth member, drummer and second bassist, Dylan Allard. They played their first show at Milk Bar that year opening for San Francisco girl-band, The She’s, and they had their most recent show at this year’s Noise Pop Festival.

Keep an eye out for their summer release and check them out at Rickshaw Stop on Thursday, March 31, when they open for Mothers and Car Seat Headrest. 

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