Psycho Beach Party, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Manuok and Pez's Sticker Art

Manuok plays The Make-Out Room this Sunday

In the mood to shimmy and shake to '90s hits or live Motown-esque bands? You've got it. You say you'd rather check out some gallery'd street art, free ballet or an outdoor movie screening? Sure. San Francisco's got a wild and varied lineup this weekend, all for under a 10-spot.

Annie Sajdera @ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (Fri.)
The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is a great place to stroll — open gardens outside, interesting exhibits inside. This summer, the center has outdone itself yet again with the ART TAP-hosted series, New Frequencies Unplugged. The free weekly event includes live music and specialty beer and wine. This Friday, keyboardist/pianist Anne Sajdera plays New Frequencies Unplugged. The San Francisco musician performs a mix of classical and jazz standards along with her own original compositions. Classy! (Free, 6-8 p.m.)

“You Can't Win” @Fifty24SF Gallery (Fri.)
It's common to see graffiti artists move into the gallery, but it's always nice to get one who popularized a new style, such as Pez. And his style is … sticker tagging. Confused? Take a moment: Ever seen those “Hello my name is ….” stickers tacked up in odd places, like lampposts, with a graffiti-esque scrawl where the carefully printed name ought to be? That'ss sticker tagging. Today, Pez teams up with his old friend, photographer Joshua Blank, for the exhibit “You Can't Win.” The pair used to live in the city together in the early 2000s, and published a zine by the same name. Shepard Fairey has said: “Pez, a bike messenger, has crushed every city he's lived in.” As always during a graffiti show, keep your eyes peeled for undocumented work. In this case, stickers. (Free, 7 p.m.) — Michael Leaverton

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