Quit Bitching: Monday Night Club Picks

Dying to dance, brood, or peel the yellow wallpaper off the wall? Well, so are these fun freaks. Join them at “Death Guild,” won’t you? Every Monday night at Glas Kat, gaggles of 18-and-over moody bastards come to show off their blackest attire and eyeliner while pouting to Goth, industrial, noise, and synth-pop sounds courtesy of DJs Melting Girl, Joe Radio, Decay, Intoner, Margo, and Jeff. And if that choice list of DJs doesn’t sweeten the deal, then rocking it in your black patent leather platform boots a mere block away from today’s lunchtime shooting on Townsend and Fourth Streets will surly make you just that more hardcore. ($3-$5, 9:30pm-2:30am)

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