Quit Bitching: Monday Night Picks (Pride [in the Castro] Edition)

Seeing as how I spent this weekend flushing out my system and inexplicably watching both the Daytime Emmy Awards and the Dove Awards — which was truly awesome in that it’s just like a regular award show, except chorus and audience member would spontaneously start weeping, rocking back and forth, and/or lifting their hands up high to praise Jesus. I wanted to pinch all of their cheeks — I’m all set for a Homosexual Pride-heavy week. I hope you are, too. Already you can find our city streets littered with curious-looking S.F.L.B. lesbians and frosted-tipped gays. Welcome them by getting shit-faced and sloppy with them, won’t you? Check out the following:

Martuni’s is always a safe and ridiculously-fun bet for an evening of blackout fun. But if you’re hell-bent on dancing, head to The Café, The Bar on Castro, or Sadlands for your favorite club anthems and electro beats, or check out 440 Castro (formerly known as Daddy’s) for superior sounding tunes and a more diverse-looking crowd. Oh, and there's no cover charge at any of the aforementioned watering holes tonight, so…wee. —Brock Keeling

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