Red Light Open Mic and Philip T. Nails at Amnesia tonight

Some people (that’s journalist-ese for “I”) find open mic events terrifying even when it’s not your (“my”) sorry ass sweating it out in seven-minute increments for it to be your turn onstage. But they’re a one hundred per cent necessary evil. Uncountable performers got their start this way, including the biggest and glossiest. It’s either that or startin’ early as a Mouseketeer right? So check out the new Red Light Open Mic, hosted by the cracked and handsome Philip T. Nails, and held at Amnesia Tuesdays at 7 p.m. As Bucky Sinister will tell you any chance he gets, Amnesia used to be the Chameleon, ground zero for brilliant early 1990s poetry and spoken word people who wrote and performed in spite of their intense drug habits, and broke chairs over each other’s heads because of them. V. glamorous! You can stomp the boards at the same place, and you should. —Hiya Swanhuyser

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