Rome Fortune @ Rickshaw Stop

Twenty-seven-year-old Atlanta rapper Rome Fortune is really pushing his upcoming tour. He changed his Twitter name to “on tour soon” and added the phrase “(buy tickets to my tour now)” to the title of his newest song on SoundCloud. If this comes across as pushy and desperate, it shouldn't. The burgeoning rapper is merely excited — after all, it's only his third-ever tour. (He toured with the indie-rock group Glass Animals in 2014 and with Iamsu! the following year.) Hustling is something Fortune knows well. During his four-year (and counting) career, he's self-released nine EPs and albums, nabbed collaborations with big-name Atlanta rappers ILoveMakonnen and OG Maco, and had one of his mixtapes, Beautiful Pimp, named as one of Pitchfork's “Overlooked Mixtapes of 2013.” At times, Fortune's rapping is so fast it sounds like a jumble; at others, it's so laidback and laissez-faire that he could be rapping from a chaise lounge on a beach in Bermuda. Though you could classify Fortune's music as hip-hop, he also dabbles in electronic, trap, experimental, and R&B. Sure, he may not be as famous as other rappers his age, but he's doing pretty damn well for someone who only just started making music a few years ago.

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