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The Red House Painters recently celebrated the release of Ocean Beach, their fourth 4AD full-length, with an Ace CafŽ listening party. On hand to enjoy the album's sweet, somnambulistic swells were members of Tarnation, who just inked their own deal with the U.K.-based label. “Basically, we're doing a record that's supposed to come out at the end of August, but it's just a one-off,” says vocalist/songwriter Paula Frazier. “We're excited about getting something interesting together with them.” However, Frazier notes that the band is “still looking for a label to sign us for real” … Fans of American Music Club have been speculating lately about the band's seemingly uncertain future and repeated rumors of an impending breakup. AMC frontman Mark Eitzel denied the hearsay, explaining that the band has decided to “take a hiatus” for at least a year while he records a solo record and tours … Chameleon owner Karen Carney is objecting to the recently enacted no-smoking legislation — which outlaws smoking in cafŽs but not bars — with the new Mornings at Chameleon. The club now opens at 10 am daily, serves “assorted tasty toasts” and offers a free cigarette with every coffee drink until 7:30 pm. Smokers can also enjoy some live “sleazy listening” with their fags and joe during “Marimbas & Mimosas” Sundays at 11:30 am. “With all the taxes small-business owners pay, this legislation is really unfair — especially for the food and beverage contingent,” Carney argues. “It should be up to the individual business owner. I'm not trying to circumvent the law — I'm just trying to give smokers a fair alternative” … Lastly, Thinking Fellers will embark on a national tour opening for Modern Rock-sters Live.

Shock Jocks
KSFO has had its share of troubles since it switched to a conservative talk-radio format — one host was recently fired, in part for mischaracterizing the danger of AIDS transmission — and now the Lesbian Avengers are organizing to get morning host Tom Kamb off the air. Kamb, a former policeman, took the Avengers to task for storming a press conference and denouncing Jordan's bid to equip the SFPD with semi-automatic weapons. “When another cop dies … the blood will be on their hands,” he said. He repeatedly recited the Avengers' hotline number over the air and encouraged his “posse” to bombard them with calls. They did: The Avengers were subjected to threats of the “I'll cut your gonads out of your goddamn ovaries” nature. “Kamb whipped up hysteria and sicced his vigilantes on us,” said Avenger Liz Harris, as she played Samples a tape. “We hold KSFO responsible.” At press time, Kamb was unavailable for comment.

By Seana Baruth, Sia Michel

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