SF Bands the Sandwitches and Girls Unveil New 7-Inches, New Songs

There is something unassuming yet special about the 7-inch, that tiny disc of vinyl only big enough to hold a song on each side. They spin faster, they cost little, yet they wield all the magic of a real record. They are, in other words, the perfect format for a post-album collectible release, and that's probably why we see two of our favorite San Francisco bands — Girls and the Sandwitches — releasing new 7-inches in a year when they've both dropped new albums.

Folk/Americana trio the Sandwitches dropped their new single, “The Pearl” yesterday.” The song is a low-key meandering haunt recorded by Mike Donovan of Sic Alps. And since it's the Sandwitches, there are harmonies to spare, layered over a dragging pace that feels of another time.


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