Show Preview: Robyn


How long can Robyn remain a secret? Has anyone on the outer limits of pop ever worked so hard to stay in the picture? How about any one-hit wonders? Not many have made the transition to lasting artist. Sure, Radiohead eclipsed “Creep,” and Beck has all but forgotten “Loser.” But those are far from dancey, electro-R&B. Which makes Robyn, the once-anonymous purveyor of '90s hit “Show Me Love” (from 1997's Robyn Is Here) a much rarer figure — the singles artist from whom you can't pick a favorite. (Her latest album, Body Talk Pt. 1, presents more of a conundrum: “Fembot”? “Dancing on My Own”? “Cry When You Get Older”?) So Robyn is hanging around for a reason. You'd be hard-pressed to think of anyone else who could sing the lines, “My super brain is a binary,” much less “initiating slut mode.” Definitely not Thom Yorke.

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