Sunday! Club Gossip vs. Trannyshack = Scrumptious Hedonism

Before you get appropriately intoxicated tonight and all day tomorrow — and if you’re able to focus on anything other than the O’Donnell-Hasselbeck split-screen death match or the talented Mr. Ed Jew — may we remind you to stumble down to Cat Club after hitting Sunday afternoon’s Carnival festivities? Is that okay? Alright, good, because it's the one night a year when “Club Gossip” and “Trannyshack” merge into one messy night of SOMA hedonism — creatively titled “Club Gossip vs. Trannyshack.” This year Gina Shock and Jane Wiedlin are on hand to judge a Go-Go's lip-synching contest, so be sure to practice your water-skiing ballet, kids. (Advantage given to any performer mimicking a coked-up Belinda Carslie.) —Brock Keeling

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