The Black Keys Have to Enjoy Doing This, Right?

Nicole Atkins

The Black Keys
Nicole Atkins
September 29, 2010
@ The Fox Theater, Oakland

Better than: Listening to old biker dudes noodle blues drivel in Guitar Center.

Dan Auerbach couldn't squeeze out a smile on stage last night, but his band stuck one onto the face of every broham and babe in the Fox Theater's sold-out crowd.

In the first of two long-overdue shows this week in Oakland, the Black Keys frontman wore the signature pallor and gloomy countenance that belie the rather obvious truth — even more so with the hoarse glee of last night's audience — that this is a fuck-yeah party-on blues-rock band, not a dirge squad.
Let his guitar-induced O-face be a clue. Auerbach's worried moans cast love as armageddon, and his face bore the feelings (usually bad feelings) in his music, but that's all just good decent theater. We saw you wanting to shoot your arms up joyfully, dude. We know you had to fight to keep the corners of your mouth from curling upwards.


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