The Blahg: La Plebe, the Impalers and 'Why Faggots Are So Afraid of Faggots'

Ska-punk-en-españolers La Plebe’s show Wednesday was the same old same old: roiling pit, lead singer with mohawk and vato bandana, hella tight band. People screaming, fists pumping, audience sweating. Ho hum. La Plebe was joined by the Impalers, a rocksteady ska getup fronted by singer Cindy Chi, rowr, and social justice and psychedelia-oriented marching gang the Brass Liberation Orchestra. We missed the Fucking Buckaroos. The big news is that La Plebe is going on tour to Central Mexico and then … Romania. They’re hitting the Dirty Old Festival in Croatia and joining Pink in Bucharest at the B'estival, among other Slavic gigs. They’ve been to Eastern Europe before and were worshipped by fans who spoke neither Spanish nor English yet who moshed like crazy anyway and bought them all shots of whatever the local rotgut was. The band appears understandably stoked to repeat the trip. Alberto, the trumpet player, and some friends of mine posed for the cell phone:

and I caught Adam, the singer/guitar player with his ‘hawk in silhouette against the Bottom of the Hill kitchen window:

Both pictures suck! Hopefully you can kind of tell I hang out with some real good-looking dudes in spite of the lamentable resolution and lighting. But the show did not suck and special mention goes to all the girls in bright lipstick. You just don’t see enough of that these days. Weekend shtuff after the clicky.

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