The Dance Floor is Where WhoMadeWho Call Home

Indie, Techno, Pop legends bring their live set to Public Works this Friday night.

Indie rockers turned nightclubbers 
WhoMadeWho are bringing their live set and DJ set to Public Works Friday night for what looks to be the definitive dance party of the weekend. Similar to LCD Soundsystem or Hot Chip, WhoMadeWho seamlessly blends the best of kinetic dance music with an unapologetic live rock instrumentation. The three-piece group began in Copenhagen fifteen years ago, releasing their 2005 self-titled debut album to widespread attention in the, at the time, burgeoning dance-punk scene. The success of their debut led them to tour with Daft Punk, amongst becoming one of the most exuberant live bands out there.

However, what sets WhoMadeWho apart from their dance-rock contemporaries is their ability to craft moody, atmospheric pieces that are not afraid to explore jazz, ambient, and soul-influenced tendencies. Through the Walls, WhoMadeWho’s newest album released in January, sees the group channeling their experimental side with disjointed deep house beats filling in dark textures. Standout track “Dynasty” is a catchy and explosive house-tinged single that captures the melancholic yet bouncy spirit that has always made WhoMadeWho stand firmly in their own league.  

9:30 p.m., Friday, May 4, at Public Works, 161 Eerie St. $15;

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