The Top 5 Modern Rapping Drug Dealers - August 30, 2011 - SF Weekly
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The Top 5 Modern Rapping Drug Dealers

Young Jeezy's TM: 03 album is being released on September 20th. Ahead of that date, the trap-star is hitting the tour circuit to drum up hype for the project, and will be bringing his stripped-down crack raps to the Mezzanine this Wednesday. In anticipation of Jeezy's show, here's a round-up of the best modern rappers who've not only copped to a drug-dealing past, but whose raps display a near-exclusive commitment to rhyming about the world of white powder.

5. Jay-Z

Jigga's now-legendary “Dead Presidents,” an independent release from 1996, still stands as one of the most eloquent insights into the drug game that also references Bill Cosby; melancholy laments like “My mind was fine 'till the dough hit it,” established Jay as a street-centered rapper spitting at a more nuanced level than the average mid-'90s thug rap oik. Since then, Jay has taken observations picked up during his spell in the Marcy Projects and crafted a career hooked around the idea of rapping about the tropes of the drug game — he even equated the rap and crack worlds as one and the same on the slick “Rap Game/Crack Game.” Jigga stans take note: Jay's relatively lowly ranking on this list is only due to his recent predilection for bragging about dealing in the world of stocks and bonds, not corner contraband.