The Top 8 Songs To Listen To While Punching Yourself in the Face

Dear everyone, it looks like we owe you all a huge apology. There we were last week, thinking that having a sense of humor about the fact that we live on a gigantic fault line was infinitely better than stressing ourselves out to the point of constant anxiety about the next Big One. But then our friends over at SFist said that listing songs to drown out that annoying emergency siren was both “infuriating” and “inane” — you know, because “people die and stuff” in earthquakes. We're infinitely grateful that they pointed this out, since we previously had no idea that the situation was so darn grave. Mortified, we immediately retreated to a room in the basement for 24 hours to meditate and do penance. When we emerged, cleansed, we felt it was only right and natural to respond to SFist by writing one of the lists they suggested. So here, for you all, and for the delicate sensibilities of SFist, are the top eight songs to listen to while punching yourself in the face. You can thank us later.

8. “Straight Edge,” Minor Threat 

We're easing you in with this one because it's only 46 seconds long, and that seems like a good length of time to figure out whether you like pounding on your own chops or not. If after the first few blows, you're enjoying yourself and feeling truly masochistic, feel free to follow Ian MacKaye's instructions in this song and also deny yourself the illicit pleasures of sex, drugs and booze. Is everyone having a good time yet? We sure are!

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