Videos of the Day: Gagita and Haronce vs. Chris Crocker

Holy. Moly. The House of Gaga should open its doors to these Pinoy boys because they capital C Crazy. I've seen my share of Gaga parodies, but the Mayaman University spoof/homage prevails. Starring Lady Gagita and Haronce in a Filipina correctional facility, the video follows Lady Gaga's “Telephone” with deft parallelism. And I mean deft. These boys are damn talented.

And y'all remember this guy, right? Both “Telephone” and Chris Crocker's take on Britney's “Gimme More” make me speechless but in totally different ways. I love how dedicated Gagita and Haronce are towards executing each dance step expertly, each sexy pout with ferocity. They put Crocker to shame (impossible I know, 'cause Chris Crocker's got no shame).

Chris Crocker – Britney, this is for you
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