Watch: Hopie Spitshard Gets Stalked, Kills the Beat on "No Chase" - May 21, 2012 - SF Weekly
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Watch: Hopie Spitshard Gets Stalked, Kills the Beat on “No Chase”

If certain other Bay Area-repping female rappers don't quite live up to ideas of what an MC should be, there's always Hopie Spitshard. The Filipino-born female is a graduate of U.C. Hastings law school and, clearly, a powerful force on the mic. In “No Chase,” Hopie takes on haters on “the sidelines and my timeline” and waves her fingers at bandwagon-riders and sellouts. If the hook seems a little thin at first, it gets better with repeated listens, and Hopie attacks each inventive line with a ferociousness that feels just right over the classic, saw-synth beat produced by 6Fingers and Exile. The Aris Jerome-directed video turns full-on creepy while it presents a stalker's perspective on Hopie in images riddled with static and video distortion. There's no neon or distractions or gimmicks here — just a solid video and a hot track from an up-and-coming Bay Area rapper: