Watch: Zion I and the Grouch Become One with Nature in “Rockit Man” Video

You knew, with a meteorite-streaming-across-the-sky kind of synth beat like the song has, that the video for new Zion I & the Grouch track “Rockit Man” was gonna be epic. And so it is. The video finds our collaborating boys melting into sand dunes, becoming one with hurricanes, holding forth against the unspeakable vastness of a sparkling night sky. This is adult hip-hop, yo — the clip's given even more gravitas by the billowy, self-serious presence of singer Silk-E on the hook. But even with all that grown-up weight to carry, a slow-mo groove and the video's black-and-white visuals manage to dazzle. From the new album Heroes in the Healing of the Nation, which came out Tuesday, here's Zion I and the Grouch with “Rockit Man”:

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