Weekend Party Preview: South American Dance and A New Party in the Mission

The Twelves

This weekend we get down to a bit of French-house-friendly dance music from south of the equator, and usher in a new club to the realm of the Mission's excellent party hubs. It's a couple days of fresh tunes, fresh starts, and (hopefully) refreshing weather. Nothing terribly life-changing is expected, but good times are certainly within reach.

Friday, July 30

What: The Twelves, John Tejada, and Marc Romboy
Where: Mezzanine
When: 9 p.m. – 2 a.m.
Why: Often touted as the South American Daft Punk, The Twelves are certainly as equally smooth and dancefloor-appropriate as the iconic French duo, but instead of having a sound rooted in classic house tunes, the Rio de Janeiro-based outfit is entrenched in a style that's more like mid-'00s electro-house. That isn't to say the duo hasn't surpassed its web-based beginnings for more legitimate and tasteful endeavors. Producers João Miguel and Luciano Oliveira have been working hard the past five years, honing their sound into something far more live-sounding through remixes of Fever Ray, M.I.A., and Daft Punk. Tonight they drop a live performance of disco-referencing dance tunes along with veteran electronic producer John Tejada and German club-tune mastermind Marc Romboy.

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