When Pork Belly Replaces the Punk Club: Fears About the Future of Music in Affluent S.F.

Two news stories yesterday seemed to point to a blander, more expensive music scene in San Francisco's future, as the full-time freaks and out-of-the-way spaces that host them disappear amid the city's next wave of affluence.

The first was a New York Times piece about the onset of San Francisco's latest tech bubble (symbolized by the relocation of Twitter to that massive art-deco building in mid-Market), and the attendant fears of gentrification, price inflation, and the general driving-out-of-San-Francisco of anyone who isn't young, single, and/or getting paid a tech-company salary. An old story, but still a painful one for anyone who pays rent here. One accompanying photo showed a group of young people — two startup workers and a college student — eyeing $3,900-a-month apartment in the Mission District. Puke.

The other story, and this will strike closer to home, was the announcement of Noise Pop's latest event, which the company had teased for quite a while on Twitter. After all the buildup, what did we get? A new medium festival of sorts? Something to fill the time gap between the original Noise Pop in February and its big cousin Treasure Island in October?

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