5,000 Skateboarders Did Not Show Up; Emerica Owes Local Activists Royalties

(Click here for a slideshow gallery of these crazy skateboarders and more photos of other Independence Day events.)

You can always hear a crowd of skateboarders before you see them. Their boards slide across the pavement like snakes on gravel. They shout, they yell, they project youthful determination to entertain themselves no matter what. It always sounds like there’s a lot of them.

Unfortunately, you know what they say about “sound” and “fury.”

Despite projections of 5,000 skateboarders showing up at “Wild in the Streets” 2007 for a crazy 4th of July ride from Embarcadero to 3rd and Army, the crowd was enthusiastic but … thin. No more than 100 by the official start time.

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