6,000 Chickens Ruffled in Sonoma County Crash - November 16, 2017 - SF Weekly
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6,000 Chickens Ruffled in Sonoma County Crash

(Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

A big rig full of 6,000 chickens crashed in Sonoma County early Thursday morning, closing Highway 121 for most of the day. 

Some chickens did cross the road, but a KRON4 video shows some that looked badly shaken and hardly moving after the crash around 5:30 a.m. The highway south of Sonoma may reopen by 5 p.m., Bay City News reports.

The driver was trapped inside the truck, which turned onto its roof on the side of Highway 121 near Ramal Road. The chickens were on the way to Petaluma Poultry, which responded to corral the loose chickens.

No numbers have been released on how many chickens may have died.

In July, a truck full of eels slimed Highway 101 in Oregon while a fruit truck crash in 2013 led to a legendary headline.