8 Washington: Development Foes Say They've Got the Signatures to Force Referendum

The road to getting this development off the drawing board just took another twist

Anti-condo petition could spawn first successful referendum in 21 years

Halting the construction of 8 Washington, a waterfront development that would likely house the most expensive condos in city history, has blossomed into the progressive ur-issue.

And that figures to continue for quite some time.

Opponents of the tower, a group calling itself No Wall on the Waterfront, say they've amassed enough signatures to qualify a referendum, which could overturn the Board of Supervisors' decision allowing 8 Washington to proceed. Those signed petitions, as of around 9:45 this morning, were being loaded into a moving truck; they will be delivered to the clerk of the Board of Supervisors today and the condo foes are expected to make a triumphant City Hall announcement at around 4 p.m. this afternoon.

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