A Look Ahead at Your Week in S.F. Lawmaking

Pay attention

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors is coping with some serious budget issues — well, one big one, in the form of a $522 million deficit — and there are some serious pots of money on the table this week as the supes head to City Hall. Health care for retirees, green power for the entire city, bodyguards for Mayor Gavin Newsom — these things don't come free, and it's your tax dollars that our famously free-spending legislators get to play with.

So, without further ado, here's the skinny on major measures up for debate this week:

On Tuesday, the full Board of Supervisors will take a swing at overriding a mayoral veto handed down by Newsom of one of Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi's pet initiatives, a law that would require city officials to reimburse the San Francisco Police Department for security expenses incurred while traveling on campaigns. The law, which Mirkarimi began pushing last year, is a not-so-subtle stab at Newsom: progressive supervisors suspect he ran up a substantial tab by bringing security details along with him as he gallivanted about the state on the gubernatorial campaign trail.

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